Cakes by Chris


I apologize upfront if you are not a local, meaning in Lycoming Co. PA, or near it then I can not offer you my services of cake decorating. I am one person that does many things and I enjoy keeping my business controlled so I can still enjoy life. You are welcome to look though. Thank you for stopping by. 
Relocated in Lycoming Co. Pennsylvania for over 6 years, 'Cakes by Chris' has been a home based business that started in Western New York over 33 years ago. This sight was created to give my local patrons a place to look at cakes of done in the past, birthday, shower, graduation, anniversary, and small wedding cakes. Along with the basic 'pan' mold and 'regular' mold cakes 'Cakes by Chris' offers 'imagination' cakes - meaning - you imagine it and I will tell you if I can make it.
NEW - Cakes by Chris is pleased to offer baked goods through "Word of Mouth" baked goods. This side business started mainly to service the 'Gas & Oil Drill Rig' Workers to offer them home made pies, cookies, and rolls since most of them don't get those good ole 'grandma' type bakegoods while away from home.